If you think texting while walking is dangerous, just wait until everyone starts wearing Googles futuristic, Internet-connected glasses.如果你指出边回头路边发短信很危险性的话,就等着看所有人都配戴谷歌公司研发的具备前瞻性的智能网际网路眼镜吧。While wearing a pair, you can see directions to your destination appear literally before your eyes. You can talk to friends over video chat, take a photo or even buy a few things online as you walk around.戴着上这样一幅眼镜,你就可以在眼前看见去目的地的地图,和好友视频聊天,照片,甚至走路的同时网购。These glasses can do anything you now need a smartphone or tablet computer to do —and then some.这款眼镜可以构建目前智能手机和平板电脑的全部功能,而且还远不止如此。Google gave a glimpse of Project Glass in a video and blog post this week. Still in an early prototype stage, the glasses open up endless possibilities — as well as challenges to safety, privacy and fashion sensibility.谷歌公司本周在一段视频和一篇博客中详细展出了这款“扩展现实眼镜”。

这款眼镜目前还在原型机阶段,但早已展出了无尽的有可能,同时也对安全性、隐私性和时尚感觉等方面带给了挑战。The prototypes Google displayed have a sleek wrap-around look and appear nothing like clunky 3-D glasses.谷歌公司展出的原型眼镜具备时尚的环绕着型外观,和僵硬的3D眼镜从不完全相同。


In development for a couple of years, the project is the brainchild of Google X, the online search-leaders secret facility that spawned the self-driving car and could one day send elevators into space.这款眼镜由网络搜寻巨头谷歌公司的秘密机构“谷歌X”实验室研发数年,该实验室研制出了自动驾驶汽车,还有望研制出太空电梯。If it takes off, it could bring reality another step closer to science fiction, where the line between human and machine blurs.如果最后以求构建,那么我们的现实生活离科幻小说就更加将近了一步,在科幻小说的世界里,人和机器的界限十分模糊不清。

My son is 4 years old and this is going to be his generations reality, said Guy Bailey, who works as a social media supervisor for a university outside Atlanta, Ga. He expects it might even be followed by body implants, so that in 10 years or so youll be able to get such a heads-up display inside your head.垫·贝利说道:“我的儿子4岁,这些不会在他们这一代人身上沦为现实。”他是乔治亚州亚特兰大市外的一所大学的社交媒体主管。他期望在这之后,身体植入也沦为现实,这样你就可以在脑海中享有一台“平视显示器”了。


In Googles video, a guy wearing the spectacles is shown getting subway information, arranging to meet a friend for coffee and navigating the inside of a bookstore, all with the help of the glasses. It ends with him playing the ukulele for a woman and showing her the sunset through a video chat. Google posted the video and short blog post about Project Glass on Wednesday, asking people to offer feedback through its Google Plus social network.在谷歌的视频中,一位配戴眼镜的男士通过眼镜提供了地铁搭乘信息、与好友大约着喝咖啡、在书店里展开导航系统。最后,他为一位女士弹奏夏威夷四弦琴,通过视频聊天向她展出日落美景。

谷歌公司在本周三发布了有关这款眼镜的视频和结尾的博客讲解,邀大家通过Google+社交网站获取对系统。By Thursday, about 500 people did, voicing a mix of amazement and concern about the new technology. What if people used it in cars and got distracted? What about the effect on your vision of having a screen so close to your eye?截至本周四,约500人获取了对系统,对这种新技术有赞叹也有担忧。